Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting Off The Juice…



It seems that the grass roots movements towards eating more nutritious whole foods is becoming cool again. The problem is; food processors can’t sell enough of their stuff when you reach for an apple, instead of apple juice. To the uninitiated, the realization that something like good-old fashioned orange juice is really liquid candy, is hard to comprehend. So, for those who believe that OJ, or the latest fruit in juice form is healthy, take note.


Even with no sugar added, fruit juice contains about the same amount of sugar as the same amount of regular soda (soft drink). Surprised? You shouldn’t be, fruits are naturally full of sugar.


Here’s a rundown based on name brands:

Cola ––40-grams carbs/40 grams sugar

Orange Juice–– 39-grams carbs/39 grams sugar

Apple Juice––42-grams carbs/39 grams sugar

Grape Juice––60-grams carbs/58.5 grams sugar


Don’t get me started on Non Fat Sweetened Latte’s; how about 40 grams carbs/35 grams sugar.

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