Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simplified Is Focused, Easy Is Trendy



There probably isn't an industry more saturated with easy solutions than those associated with changing your body. The list includes such notables as; Nautilus one-set to failure weight training, 6-second abs, eat anything but carbohydrate miracle diets, and products that deliver muscle building nutrients in nano-seconds. While we can all be seduced by the newest techniques, and products, many of them don't pan out in the real world, costing us something more valuable than money––our time. You see the easy way is not nearly the same as the simplified way. When we learn enough about a topic we can simplify it so we can focus on what matters, and produce results that are remarkable. In fact, the reason most health and fitness products are marketed as "the easy way" is the same reason you should avoid them in the first place––they don't set the trend, they become trendy. That means the majority of people less than motivated to change their body will follow. I mean, when was the last time the majority of the people at the gym looked great?






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