Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Scivation and Primaforce at 2006 Mr. Olympia

Combining a unique dual-branding approach to attacking the market, Scivation and Primaforce has created quite a following.

Through key relationships fostered by Marc Lobliner and product innovation by nutrition guru Chuck Rudolph, these two brands have something to offer any athlete who takes fitness seriously.
For innovation, look to the Scivation brand, who has been an early market force in high quality performance products with Xtend and Sesamin, plus super potent herbal anabolic agents, namely Anagen.
If you’re looking for value, the Primaforce brand has excellent quality proteins such as Substance WPI and other well researched compounds at great prices.

This year, both brands will have plenty of samples of their best sellers on hand as giveaways, and if you get a chance you just might get to pick Chuck Rudolph’s brain for some valuable nutritional advice!

Brand Names: Scivation/Primaforce

Key Execs that will be attending:

- Marc Lobliner
- Chuck Rudolph
- Derek “Beast” Charlebois

Products Featured:

- Substance WPI
- Xtend
- Anagen



Model Featured: Jamie Eason

Photo copyright 2006 Walt Ostarly
Model Jamie Eason
Photo Courtesy of Walt Ostarly. May not be used without permission.


- Substance WPI
- Xtend

2006 Olympia Sneak Peek–BSN Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc.

To get my info on BSN, I spoke to Rob Thoburn. He is a Senior Marketing Executive and Scientific Advisor for BSN, and ’scary smart’ I might add. When you add Chris Ferguson and Scott James this makes BSN extremely dangerous when it comes to product development.

Here is what you will find at BSN:

bsn log.jpg

Brand Name: BSN (Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition, Inc.)

Brand Slogan: “World Leaders in Cutting Edge Physique & Performance Products”

Web sites: www.BSNonline.net; www.ENDORUSH.com

Key BSN personnel in attendance:
– Chris Ferguson, President
– Scott James, Vice-President
– James Tracy, Director of Marketing
– Eric Tomko, Direct of Sales

Products featured:
- Atro-Phex™*

– Syntha-6™
– Endorush™
– N.O.-Xplode™

*First public sampling event for this product

Team BSN Athletes in attendance:
– 8-Time and current Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman
– International Figure Icon, Monica Brant
– Mixed Martial Arts-Fitness Expert, Julien Greaux
– BSN Spokesmodel Anthony Presciano

BSN Promotions:

Sampling (over $150,000 in product will be available for sampling)
– True Mass™ (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)
– Syntha-6™ (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)
– Endorush™ (Grape Fix, Fruit Punch Fix, Lemon-Lime Fix, Orange Fix)
– N.O.-Xplode™ (Grape, Lemon-Lime, Blue Raspberry)

Sample bags containing: (Estimated retail value: $16.99)
– Endorush™ pen
– BSN magnet
– Special product offer flyer
– Endorush™ decal
– BSN Body & Style™ Catalog
Sample bags will also contain packets of the following ultra-premium BSN products:
– N.O.-Xplode™
– CellMass™
– Syntha-6™ (1 of each flavor)(3 packets in total)
– True-Mass™ (1 of each flavor)(3 packets in total)

BSN Promotions:

Three monumental events will be taking place at the always packed BSN Olympia Expo booths!

Event 1: The first ever public sampling of Atro-Phex™, BSN’s new multi-action weight loss breakthrough!

Event 2: The first Olympia showing of NEW Train Like a Freak™ by BSN apparel! If you’re hardcore, then prove it! Wear TLF!

Event 3: BSN will be giving away a free 50-inch Philips plasma television! This will take place at booth #1542, which is directly across from the BSN booth (#1342). Sign up for the plasma giveaway contest and you’ll receive $5.00 off any purchase made at the Train Like a Freak™ apparel shop (booth #1542)!

BSN will also be providing free samples and prizes to those who ride the BSN wrapped transfer bus. Come on board and you’ll also meet two of our super-hot Girls of BSN! It’s definitely the best ride in town!

BSN Sponsored Events:
The OFFICIAL Olympia After-Party happens at the Risque located inside the popular Paris Hotel on Saturday, September 30th, from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am

The OFFICIAL Olympia After-Party happens at the Risque located inside the p

Booth info:

Booth #1342: BSN product booth, Train Like a Freak™ by BSN apparel shop

Booth #1542: BSN plasma television giveaway (sign up)

Booth #1542: BSN plasma television giveaway

Gaspari Nutrition at the 2006 Mr. Olympia

One company that certainly took the supplement world by storm in the last year, is Gaspari Nutrition. The players on this team bring some serious real world and scientific experience to the table. Hey, when you have IFBB Hall of Famer Rich Gaspari, product GURU Bruce Knel
ler, and a host of industry veterans on your team, you’re always a force to reckoned with.

gaspari logo1.jpg

Brand Name: Gaspari Nutrition

Booth # 518

Key Execs that will be attending: Rich Gaspari, President – Liz Gaspari, Domestic and International Sales Director – Tom Hoops, National Sales Director – Bruce Kneller, Chief Product Formulator – Joe Volgey, Director of Advertising and Marketing

Products Featured: Gaspari Nutrition will launch new Halodrol Liquigels at the Olympia. Be among the first 1000 people to purchase the product.

After the unprecedented success of Halodrol-50™, Gaspari Nutrition does it again with a mega-potent successor to the original that will stand the test of time. Halodrol-Liquigels™ is the ONLY product in the supplement world that contains Arachadonic Acid* and a testosterone boosting anti-aromatase for a “one-two” punch in causing massive muscular hypertrophy, positive strength and endurance modulation and “help” in the bedroom. Nothing works like or as well as Halodrol-Liquigels™ AND NOTHING ELSE EVER WILL due to an exclusive licensing arrangement using a patented material and a patent-pending material. This ain’t your run-of-the-mill supplement - this is the most scientifically advanced and well thought out sports nutrition product possibly ever made. Halodrol-Liquigels™ is the first, last and ONLY product in a category it defines all by itself. Isn’t it time you got serious about your supplement program? Gaspari Nutrition - we make innovative products that work!

Athletes Featured: Gaspari Nutrition will make a special announcement regarding the signing of top bodybuilding athlete. Mai Tran, Cathy Priest, Marzia Prince, Kai Powers and others will be on hand to give away free samples.

Promotions/Samples: Free samples of new Grape flavored SizeOn, free t-shirts and shakers giveaways!

Brand Sponsored Events (parties or giveaways etc.): Enter to win a brand new 2007 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide. For official contest rules, visit www.gasparinutrition.com


Dymatize at the 2006 Olympia

Another performance nutrition brand that seems to get stronger every year is Dymatize Nutrition. This year, I spoke to Ivy Steputis at Dymatize and he sent me an impressive list of new products, athletes and promotions for the 2006 Olympia.

I am, personally, interested in tasting the Oats Can! Instant Oatmeal, which looks like a great product. No doubt, the Dymatize booth will have plenty of action this year.


Brand Name: Dymatize Nutrition

Booth #1511

Products Featured:

- Elite Oats ‘N More (Brand new premiere product! Look for the giant 10 ft. Elite Oats Can! Instant Oatmeal with 34+ grams of our famous Elite Whey Protein!)
- Elite Whey Protein (10 great flavors, instant mixability, super value!)
- Mega Shake (Nature’s Anabolic! Awesome taste!)
- Hi Protein Mega Gainer
- Super Mega Gainer
- Xpand Pre-post Workout Formula Nitric Oxide Reactor
- Energized Xpand Nitric Oxide Reactor
- Xpand Caplets

Athletes Featured:

6 models at the Dymatize booth:
- Krista Gibson
- Stephanie Lundy
- Jennifer Lundy
- Laura Schrader
Stephanie Lundy1.jpg
Laura Schrader.jpg
Come by the booth to get your free autographed pictures from one of these ladies!


- Dymatize passes out samples & literature
- Hats, T-shirts, Shaker Bottles

Brand Sponsored Events (parties or giveaways, etc.)

Register to Win: $1000 in free supplements!

American Bodybuilding at the 2006 Mr. Olympia

There are several brands that I write about that I have personally worked on in the past. This makes it even more interesting to me, because I’ve got history with some of the products these brands still sell, and always curious about the new products they bring to market.

One of those brands is ABB or American Bodybuilding, which continues to pump out hardcore gym drinks and bars. Just like the brand itself, ABB will likely be cranking out the LOUD and HEAVY Rock and Roll and have plenty of products that can keep you wide AWAKE. Here is what ABB is bringing to the O.

ABB Logo - No Web.jpg

Brand: American Body Building™ (ABB) – The Force in the Gym™

Website: americanbodybuilding.com

Booth Number: 509

Featured Products/Samples:

- NEW Tribulus Shot™ – First Ever Liquid Tribulus Concentrate
- NEW XXL Bar™ – Over 500 Massive Calories & 40 g Protein per Bar
- Speed Shot™ – Small Space, Big Rush. Concentrated Energy packed in cool Aluminum Bottles
- Diet Turbo Tea® - A Perennial Crowd Favorite
- Aqua Force™- Cool, Refreshing, and Vitamin & Amino Fortified
- Carbo Force® - Great-Tasting, Post-Workout Recovery
- Extreme Body RTD 50™ Shakes – 50 grams of Premium Dairy Proteins, now available in Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Cream flavors


- IFBB Pro Chuck Sanow
- IFBB Pro Pauline Nordin
- IFBB Pro Summer Montabone

Plus over a dozen smokin’-hot spokespeople serving up samples!


- Custom 2006 ABB/Olympia T-Shirts
- Full-Sized ABB Drinks
- IFBB Pro Photo/Autograph Opportunities
- V.I.P. Interactive Workshop plus a chance to WIN Hundreds of Dollars in Free Products (By Invitation Only – email info@americanbodybuilding.com for more details)
- Possible Guest Appearance by a Mystery Athlete Superstar (more details on this as show approaches)

First give-away begins around 10:00am; a second about 2:00pm (both days, while supplies last.). Give-away items subject to change.

Optimum nutrition at the 2006 Mr. Olympia

Unless you’ve been under a rock (or don’t train), you’ve certainly heard of, or used an Optimum Nutrition Product. This brand has been around for years and continues to grow in size and notariety, due to its loyal following.

If you’re worried about getting enough protein while you walk the floor, make sure you hit make Optimum Nutrition a regular stop. They’ve got plenty of protein and shwag to keep any bodybuilder happy!

Optimum - ON - Nutrition Logo.jpg

Brand: Optimum Nutrition – Add Some Muscle to Your Sport™


- optimumnutrition.com
- wheygoldstandard.com
- morsos.com

Booth Number: 509

Featured Products:

Debut of:

- Vassive-NO™ – The Ultimate Pre-Workout Performance Tool
- Vassive-CE™ – The Ultimate Post-Workout Performance Tool
- Lift Bars™ – The Delicious New Hi-Protein Energy Bar with an Ultra-Thin Profile

Other ON Samples:

- MOR’SOs – Gourmet, Bite-sized Protein Pieces
- Whey Gold Meal™ – A High-Protein Meal with all of the Benefits of Whey plus 25 Vitamins & Minerals and 5 grams of Dietary Fiber


- IFBB Pro and Figure Olympia Competitor Jessica Paxson

jen pax.jpg
Jessica Paxson

- Actor, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer Tomm Voss
- NPC Super Heavyweight Champion Justin Harris


V.I.P. Interactive Workshop on Pre- & Post-Workout Nutrition plus a chance to WIN Hundreds of Dollars in Free Products (By Invitation Only – email optimum@optimumnutrition.com for more details)

2006 ON/Olympia Super-Sac’s (approximate retail value ≈ $35.00) consisting of:

- Limited Edition Olympia T-shirt
- Limited Edition ON Pill-Holder Key Ring
- Full-serving packet of Whey Gold Meal
- Full-sized Lift Bar
- Full-serving packet of Vassive-CE
- Full-serving packet of Vassive-NO
- Signed, Glossy Photo Prints of IFBB Pro’s

First give-away begins around 10:00am; a second about 2:00pm (both days, while supplies last.). Give-away items subject to change. INSIDER TIP: The ON Booth gets really jammed – especially during give-away times – so get there early.

NxLabs at the 2006 Mr. Olympia

The company NxLabs (formerly NxCare), burst onto the scene with more than a few interesting products. Last year I had a chance to speak with Scott Welch, who does product research and development for NxLabs, and was very impressed to say the least.

This company is one of the booths I am looking forward to checking out at this year, since they are sure to have a few NEW concepts designed into their products.


Brand Name: NxLabs

Booth info: 1635 & 1636

Key Execs that will be attending:

- Craig Stevenson
- Mike Buckley
- Scott Welch
- Eric Nussbaum
- Duane Keizs
- Jennifer Van Barneveld
- Domenic Mauro

Products Featured:

Methyl Ripped, Mass System, Ripped System, the Ultimate Muscle Expansion Pack, Anavol, Aminovol, NitroT3, VASO.

Athletes Featured: Marlon John


Ripped Books, Mass Books, Anavol shirts, Aminovol shirts, NitroT3 shirts, Methyl Ripped shirts.

Real Fighter Magazine at the Mr. Olympia

Quick, who would win in a fight between Ronnie Coleman and Chuck Liddel?

The answer is, thankfully, that we don’t have to watch it. But, if you are an MMA Fan (Mixed Martial Arts), you can get your fix by visiting the Real Fighter booth at this year’s Olympia.

When I spoke to Editor-in-Chief, Mike Carlson, he assured me that there will be plenty of MMA stars in his booth - so if you have the cahonies, you can get a bare naked choke whenever you like. Seriously, this looks like a great place to meet some of the Super Athletes we see on Ultimate Fighter and Pay-Per-View!U


Brand Name: Real Fighter

Booth # 347

Key Execs that will be attending:

- Mike Carlson, Editor-in-Chief
- Jim Schmaltz, Editorial Director
- Brian Hallisey, Sales Manager

Products Featured:

- Real Fighter magazine, the premiere Mixed Martial Arts publication


Athletes Featured: TBD


Copies of the newest issue of “Real Fighter” will be handed out. This issue is not even on the newsstands yet!

Brand Sponsored Events (parties or giveaways, etc.):

Drawing to give away five gym bags from Real Fighter.

VPX Sports at the 2006 Olympia

I am personally excited to see what VPX unveils at the Olympia. Why? Well first, I have personally tried the Zero Impact Meal Bars and they ROCK! Next, the last time I spoke to Jack Owoc, he told me that the entire Zero Impact Diet Kit was complete. I saw the initial concepts for the diet, supplements and exercise plan and must say when followed correctly it has the potential to be an extremely popular fat loss strategy. The ZI Diet Kit has a complete diet and exercise program plus a DVD featuring real people and fitness pros.


Brand Name: VPX Nutrition–Redline-–Zero Impact Diet

Key Execs that will be attending:

- Jack Owoc – CEO, Chief Scientific Officer,
- Paul Borelli – Chief Operating Officer,
- Mike Fabiano – Executive Director of Sales

Products Featured:


- Zero Impact Diet Kit


- NO Shotgun-Muscle Hyperplazic Matrix


- Redline-Freeze and Burn Energy Drink

Athletes Featured: Toney Freeman


“295-pounds of Freaky Muscle in Classic X Form” –The One to Stop Ronnie Coleman’s Quest for 9-Straight

Plus Over 20 Handpicked Fitness Models


Booth Info—Look for the crowd!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Labrada Nutrition at the 2006 Mr Olympia

Here’s a question for historians of bodybuilding supplementation:

When did Labrada Nutrition first come to market?

Give up? Well, for those who don’t know, it’s been ten years (1996) since former Mr. Universe and pro bodybuilding legend, Lee Labrada, introduced his own line of sports nutrition products.

This fact, alone, is proof that Labrada Nutrition has built its large consumer following upon loyalty and trust. In all my conversations with Lee, I am reminded of his passion for helping others. You would expect this from a world class bodybuilder, but Lee consistantly goes the extra mile to emphasize that lasting results come through the combination of education and quality products.


According to Lee, this year Labrada Nutrition welcomes you to the Mr. Olympia Expo, where it is launching its New 17oz. Lean Body® RTD Shake. Visit the booth, meet Lee Labrada and get Lee’s FREE 8 x10 color autographed picture while you are sampling this delicious creamy shake! Lean Body® RTD shakes feature 40 grams of protein, zero sugar and half the fat of the other brand!

You’ll love this nutritional powerhouse! It tastes like soft serve ice cream!


Labrada Nutrition

Booths 1530- 1533

Key Execs that will be attending:

- Lee Labrada, President and CEO
- Keith Lessmann, Senior VP of Sales
- Dave Ramirez, VP of Research and Development
- Labrada Field Sales Managers



Labrada will also be sampling its New and Improved Lean Body® MRPs. These are the MRPs you’ve come to love and trust, and now they taste better than ever and have an improved nutritional profile. Get a FREE sample packet!


When you get hungry during the Olympia Expo and want something that really tastes good, stop by for a sample of Labrada’s “latest and greatest” protein bars - including the novel new New Lean Body Fruit Crunch Bars! They taste like a Rice Krispy Treat and Pop Tart, all rolled into one delicious bar. It’s not to be missed!


Want to put some whoop-ass into your next workout? Pick up a FREE SuperCharge! pre-workout energy drink mix sample packet while you’re at the Labrada booth. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to your ordinary NO product.


Labrada will also have T-shirts, shaker cups, and other special surprises… be sure to stop by and chck it out at Booths 1530-1533.

Lee Labrada will be on hand at the Labrada booth to greet everyone!


In 2004, Lee was inducted into the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. Lee is a past winner of numerous bodybuilding titles, including the IFBB Mr. Universe and the IFBB Pro World Cup. He is one of only five men in history to place in the top four at the Mr. Olympia competition for seven consecutive years – a feat he shares with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He has appeared on the covers of more than 100 magazines and has been featured on CNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and ESPN as a fitness and nutrition expert.

For more information, call Stasia Maroquin, toll-free at 1-800-832-9948, ext. 359.

EAS at the 2006 Mr. Olympia

upon a time, I worked at EAS in product development, marketing and
education. The time frame was from 2000-2002, and during my stay I was
fortunate to see one of the best-built companies in our industry.

I owe a lot to this company as they gave me the opportunity to write for Muscle Media
and the 4th Issue of the Sports Supplement Review. But a lot of things
have changed since those days, and now EAS is a wholly owned division
of Abbott Labs, the pharmaceutical and nutritional giant.


So, what is different? Well, from what I can see it looks like the
EAS division is going back to its roots, dedicating significant product
development and educational dollars towards the serious athlete.

This is a smart move, because it represents what made the brand a
perennial favorite amongst athletes for over ten years. I expect their
product launches to become more focused and driven by consumer needs
and the relevant science.

eas banner1.jpg

This year, EAS will feature its BIG 3–Muscle Building and Performance products: Myoplex, Muscle Armor, and Phosphagen Elite.

For football fans, you won’t want to miss the lineup of gridiron
schwag that EAS will have at their booth! My buddy at EAS, Mike
Sitzman, told me that the booth will have a Vegas Vibe with music, a
live emcee, and table games where consumers can try their luck at
wining autographed footballs and products.

Key Execs:

- Chris Hickey, Marketing Director

- Chris Scoggins, VP Marketing

Featured Products:

- Myoplex

- Muscle Armor

- Phosphagen Elite

Featured Athletes:

- Matt Hasselbeck, Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

- Vernon Davis, Tight End, San Francisco 49ers

- Carlos Rogers, Cornerback, Washington Redskins

- Ronnie Brown, Running Back, Miami Dolphins

- Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals

eas Banner 5.jpg


- 10 people will win $500 in supplements!

- Chance to win Muscle Armor and Phosphagen Elite at Blackjack Tables.

- Chance to win product and autographed NFL footballs at Wheel of Fortune.

- Cool poker chips with EAS product and athletes.

- T-shirts.

- Give away Myoplex, Phos Elite, and bar samples!

eas banne21.jpg

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

2006 Olympia Performance Supplement Showdown!

2006 Olympia Performance Supplement Showdown!

Vince AndrichAs you mght already know, this year I am reporting via online Blog for bodybuilding.com, on events leading up to, and at, the 2006 Mr. Olympia Contest in Las Vegas. I am excited to be involved, and truthfully my main interest is to bring our readers information on the top sports nutrition companies that will be in attendance.

First, let me explain why I want to focus my blogs on the supplement side of the show. Well, for sure I am not an expert on predictions or trash talking about the athletes. This is not what interests me, although when I see any one of the competitive lineups, you can bet I will be scoring the show on the fly. I may comment on athlete placings, but only from the standpoint of ‘what were the judges looking for’, and ‘was the criteria consistent’. Who knows, maybe this year we will see a new ‘standard’ being set for the bodybuilding and fitness generations to come. No matter who comes out on top, there will be controversy, and that’s part of the fun.


An Event for Bodybuilding Fans, Is More than A Contest

The Olympia has many exciting things to offer the spectator in all of us. More importantly, I believe that the consumers/readers on bodybuilding.com are not just spectators, and in fact are as dedicated, and train every bit as hard as the Pro’s on stage. From my perspective, we are all fans of the art and sport of bodybuilding, but this only inspires us to create our own best body.

With that in mind, what I will focus on are the supplement companies that attend the show. You’ll get my views regarding what the best companies in our industry have to offer the athlete in all of us. This will be based on company input, and reader feedback. I WILL NOT trash talk or state one brand is better than the next. My goal is to let YOU get a sneak peak of what the ‘breakout’ products of the show will be. With the help of from my colleagues, which are company owners, executives and essentially the ‘brains’ behind the brands you read about, YOU will get an inside look at how much work is put into your newest products, or informational pieces. In other words, which companies are really working hard for YOU to succeed? Which companies can get YOU more out of the blood, sweat and tears that go into YOUR training and diet? This is what I look for at these big events, and I want to get the scoop for those who will attend, or can’t make it to Vegas.

Stay Tuned The Info Is On The Way…
My blogs will all be under the 2006 Olympia Blogger group at BB.com, and I will create a series of blogs per brand. This will create a virtual ‘2006 Olympia Performance Supplement Showdown’.

Here’s is a short list of things you will find out by visiting this blog:

Who Are The Key Execs, and or formulators that will be attending from each brand?

What Products Are They Launching, and WHY?

Can We Expect Groundbreaking New Product Concepts at The Show, and From Which Brand (s)?

What Products Athletes Will Be Featured At The HOTTEST Booths?

What Promotions and Product Samples Will Be at Individual Booths?

What Are the Brand Sponsored Events (parties or giveaways etc.)

General Booth info

Train hard,