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Beyond Built; Arms That Look Impressive Standing Still


Muscles of the arm diagram


One of the hallmarks of an experienced Physique Athlete is they look great standing still. That’s part of the grand plan; visually arresting in real life, not just if you hit a pose. When your relaxed arms are viewed from the side, (short sleeves or shirtless), this area is the centerpiece of your “still picture show”.


For arms that hang great, it’s critical that you fully develop the lateral + medial heads of your triceps, and the brachialis. These tricep muscle strands run along the outer region of the back of your arm while the brachialis is the golf-ball-shaped muscle you see between the triceps and biceps, which are visibly prominent when viewed from the side.

While it is impossible to totally isolate an individual muscle "strand", we can pick exercises that cause these specific areas to contract more forcefully and enhance their development.


For the lateral head of the triceps a medium grip on regular tricep pulley pushdowns or EZ bar tricep extensions either seated or lying on an exercise bench are among the most effective. The medial head of the triceps, is also hit with the movements above, but many trainees opt for a rope on pulley pushdowns. This is so they can bend their wrists, pointing their index finger down and away from their body in the contracted position. The rope pushdowns are shown here, the straight pulley pushdowns are here and the EZ bar tricep extensions are here.

For the brachialis any normal bicep exercise with a reverse grip (plams down, a.k.a. pronated) places more stress on this muscle. In addition, dumbbell curls done "hammer" style also load the brachialis extremely well. Hammer dumbbell curls are done with your thumbs up, with the weights coming to your chest area at the top contracted position.  The hammer curls are shown here and the reverse curls are here.

Remember, to do between 6-12 reps on all work sets, and do at least 4 work sets per exercise to get the physique improvements you're seeking.


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