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Modified Circuit Training, Cleansing Your Metabolism––Really


The big trend these days is the sale of “Body Cleansing” products and modified fasting programs that claim to to increase your metabolism. I’ve seen these types of programs emerge again about every ten-years. In fact, as a teen in the late ‘70’s, when I was just beginning to explore health food stores, I even did one or two fasting programs. These fasts were not of the intermittent type, which has proven to be useful (click here) for progressively changing your body composition. The longer fasts,  multiple days up to 14, are nothing but extremely low energy diets, which wreck, not improve your metabolism.


On the pure product side, Body Cleansing supplements are designed to “clean out any blockages in your intestines and colon”. For the most part, this is just another, more devious way to market fiber. But it gets worse, in addition to boosting your metabolism, the marketing claims most everything in the Body Cleansing category, are wild to downright fraudulent and include; warding off other health risks such as obesity, hypertension, heart disease and cancer.


While I’m sure that many of these cleansing programs or modified fasts will go a long way towards replacing junk food in your diet, they don’t put anything of value back in. So besides possibly adding fiber or gut health ingredients to your diet, let me repeat myself; these programs are nothing but extremely low energy diets, which wreck, not improve your metabolism.


What will work to improve your metabolism, or specifically, how your body stores energy, is to perform circuit training with weights. This is not the garden variety where you jump from exercise to exercise, but rather a modified version I’ve used for years to jump start my program, speed fat loss, and beat the boredom. Here’s how.


Pick one exercise per major muscle group. The 9 majors are:

Chest, Back, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Shoulders, Abs, Biceps and Triceps.


Perform 2-4 sets per exercise, before moving to the next exercise. The goal is to rest very little between sets, maybe 10-20 seconds. As an example, for chest you might do dumbbell presses performed like this; grab a weight you can do for about 12 reps, rest for 10-20 seconds and repeat for as many reps as possible. You can repeat up to 4 times, but in the beginning two-sets per exercise is plenty.


Ideally, you will hit each major muscle group in each workout, which is done only 3-days per week. You need to take at least one day of rest from the weights after each training day to recover. If doing a full body workout is too much, simply split your body into two workouts and do these on alternate days, for 4 days of circuit-training per week.


This training method taxes your muscles ability to store energy (glucose a.k.a. carbs), which then tells your body to preferentially use the carbs you eat for brain, liver and muscle function. This essentially leaves much less, if any of the carbohydrate you eat to be stored as bodyfat. The net effect on your metabolism from the weight-training, plus essentially “draining” your energy reserves in muscle, is the real way to improve your metabolism, without wrecking it.


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