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It IS About Hormones, But Not hCG, For Losing Stubborn Bodyfat That Is


Unicorns Dancing

Another day, another miracle diet, another hoax. These mythical Unicorns don’t fool those of you who’ve found the “secret” to improving your body-composition is really no secret at all. You’re part of the few that have come to realize that weight-training, cardio, nutrition and smart supplementation, as practiced by Physique Athletes, is the fastest ticket to the body you want. Nevertheless, the seductive marketing tactics used by those selling miracle diets affect many, and eventually these folks finally ask someone, like you, that knows better.

Then you burst their bubble.


This time, the Unicorn is the hCG Diet, which is so ridiculous, I never felt the need to bother. I changed my mind. This will be quick, I promise.


hCG Diet Hoax

In 1954, British physician A.T.W. Simeons described a new method for dieting. He combined a severe calorie restricted diet (500 kcal per day) with daily injections of hCG, a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. Dr. Simeons claimed the patient should not lose more weight during a 4-to-6 weeks' diet than without hCG, but the injections should facilitate to maintain the diet and to lose body weight at specific parts of the body (e.g. hip, belly, thigh). In over 50-years, there is still no scientific research that backs up these “spot reducing” claims but some people did manage to get through the semi-starvation diet. Here’s the scam, as pointed out by my good friend DrProfAndro below, who has a great blog Suppversity (click here).


“I personally think its a way Dr's make money by fooling lazy people into the believe they were injecting them some magic serum... what happens is that the people experience a huge placebo effect and thus stick to their ridicolous 500kcal diet (because they believe they cannot be hungry on HCG) and lose a hell lot of weight, but the rebound will come ... I mean you would have to administer the HCG way beyond the diet period, if that whole thing should work, after all when you stop the HCG when you resume your usual diet your hormones will plummet at the same moment, when your kcal intake rises < YOYO effect, here I come ;-)”

I totally agree. But, do our natural hormones effect fat loss and muscle gain? You bet. Which brings me back to another reason more people are adopting the “secrets” used by Physique Athletes to get their best body.

The Physique Athlete, Hormone Advantage

Numerous studies in men and women of all ages has shown that simply by putting more time into your weight-training program, thus more volume, dramatically improves your natural fat burning and muscle building hormones. These naturally produced hormones; increased testosterone and insulin-like growth factor-1, plus decreased levels of cortisol are critical to both men and women for improving body composition. This is why the weight-training methods used by Physique Athletes, which focuses on the volume of work they do, often cycling periods of low to very high, is the miracle most people want. And you don’t need to follow, or rather should never use a semi-starvation plan for this to work. You can find that "secret" in a program I’ve outlined click here.

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