Thursday, September 21, 2006

2006 Olympia Performance Supplement Showdown!

2006 Olympia Performance Supplement Showdown!

Vince AndrichAs you mght already know, this year I am reporting via online Blog for, on events leading up to, and at, the 2006 Mr. Olympia Contest in Las Vegas. I am excited to be involved, and truthfully my main interest is to bring our readers information on the top sports nutrition companies that will be in attendance.

First, let me explain why I want to focus my blogs on the supplement side of the show. Well, for sure I am not an expert on predictions or trash talking about the athletes. This is not what interests me, although when I see any one of the competitive lineups, you can bet I will be scoring the show on the fly. I may comment on athlete placings, but only from the standpoint of ‘what were the judges looking for’, and ‘was the criteria consistent’. Who knows, maybe this year we will see a new ‘standard’ being set for the bodybuilding and fitness generations to come. No matter who comes out on top, there will be controversy, and that’s part of the fun.


An Event for Bodybuilding Fans, Is More than A Contest

The Olympia has many exciting things to offer the spectator in all of us. More importantly, I believe that the consumers/readers on are not just spectators, and in fact are as dedicated, and train every bit as hard as the Pro’s on stage. From my perspective, we are all fans of the art and sport of bodybuilding, but this only inspires us to create our own best body.

With that in mind, what I will focus on are the supplement companies that attend the show. You’ll get my views regarding what the best companies in our industry have to offer the athlete in all of us. This will be based on company input, and reader feedback. I WILL NOT trash talk or state one brand is better than the next. My goal is to let YOU get a sneak peak of what the ‘breakout’ products of the show will be. With the help of from my colleagues, which are company owners, executives and essentially the ‘brains’ behind the brands you read about, YOU will get an inside look at how much work is put into your newest products, or informational pieces. In other words, which companies are really working hard for YOU to succeed? Which companies can get YOU more out of the blood, sweat and tears that go into YOUR training and diet? This is what I look for at these big events, and I want to get the scoop for those who will attend, or can’t make it to Vegas.

Stay Tuned The Info Is On The Way…
My blogs will all be under the 2006 Olympia Blogger group at, and I will create a series of blogs per brand. This will create a virtual ‘2006 Olympia Performance Supplement Showdown’.

Here’s is a short list of things you will find out by visiting this blog:

Who Are The Key Execs, and or formulators that will be attending from each brand?

What Products Are They Launching, and WHY?

Can We Expect Groundbreaking New Product Concepts at The Show, and From Which Brand (s)?

What Products Athletes Will Be Featured At The HOTTEST Booths?

What Promotions and Product Samples Will Be at Individual Booths?

What Are the Brand Sponsored Events (parties or giveaways etc.)

General Booth info

Train hard,

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