Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Real Fighter Magazine at the Mr. Olympia

Quick, who would win in a fight between Ronnie Coleman and Chuck Liddel?

The answer is, thankfully, that we don’t have to watch it. But, if you are an MMA Fan (Mixed Martial Arts), you can get your fix by visiting the Real Fighter booth at this year’s Olympia.

When I spoke to Editor-in-Chief, Mike Carlson, he assured me that there will be plenty of MMA stars in his booth - so if you have the cahonies, you can get a bare naked choke whenever you like. Seriously, this looks like a great place to meet some of the Super Athletes we see on Ultimate Fighter and Pay-Per-View!U


Brand Name: Real Fighter

Booth # 347

Key Execs that will be attending:

- Mike Carlson, Editor-in-Chief
- Jim Schmaltz, Editorial Director
- Brian Hallisey, Sales Manager

Products Featured:

- Real Fighter magazine, the premiere Mixed Martial Arts publication


Athletes Featured: TBD


Copies of the newest issue of “Real Fighter” will be handed out. This issue is not even on the newsstands yet!

Brand Sponsored Events (parties or giveaways, etc.):

Drawing to give away five gym bags from Real Fighter.

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