Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Scivation and Primaforce at 2006 Mr. Olympia

Combining a unique dual-branding approach to attacking the market, Scivation and Primaforce has created quite a following.

Through key relationships fostered by Marc Lobliner and product innovation by nutrition guru Chuck Rudolph, these two brands have something to offer any athlete who takes fitness seriously.
For innovation, look to the Scivation brand, who has been an early market force in high quality performance products with Xtend and Sesamin, plus super potent herbal anabolic agents, namely Anagen.
If you’re looking for value, the Primaforce brand has excellent quality proteins such as Substance WPI and other well researched compounds at great prices.

This year, both brands will have plenty of samples of their best sellers on hand as giveaways, and if you get a chance you just might get to pick Chuck Rudolph’s brain for some valuable nutritional advice!

Brand Names: Scivation/Primaforce

Key Execs that will be attending:

- Marc Lobliner
- Chuck Rudolph
- Derek “Beast” Charlebois

Products Featured:

- Substance WPI
- Xtend
- Anagen



Model Featured: Jamie Eason

Photo copyright 2006 Walt Ostarly
Model Jamie Eason
Photo Courtesy of Walt Ostarly. May not be used without permission.


- Substance WPI
- Xtend

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Shawn said...

Yo Vince,

Nice work on the BLOG... Lot of action... you've got a lot to say, as I'd suspect. :-)

I'm glad I know someone like you who can make order out of the ever increasing number of supplements / and companies. Man, lot's of names -- any way you look at it!

Got to say, I like your touch on the fitness models! Don't know that Jamie but she's got a spectucular look!

Stay Strong,