Tuesday, September 26, 2006

VPX Sports at the 2006 Olympia

I am personally excited to see what VPX unveils at the Olympia. Why? Well first, I have personally tried the Zero Impact Meal Bars and they ROCK! Next, the last time I spoke to Jack Owoc, he told me that the entire Zero Impact Diet Kit was complete. I saw the initial concepts for the diet, supplements and exercise plan and must say when followed correctly it has the potential to be an extremely popular fat loss strategy. The ZI Diet Kit has a complete diet and exercise program plus a DVD featuring real people and fitness pros.


Brand Name: VPX Nutrition–Redline-–Zero Impact Diet

Key Execs that will be attending:

- Jack Owoc – CEO, Chief Scientific Officer,
- Paul Borelli – Chief Operating Officer,
- Mike Fabiano – Executive Director of Sales

Products Featured:


- Zero Impact Diet Kit


- NO Shotgun-Muscle Hyperplazic Matrix


- Redline-Freeze and Burn Energy Drink

Athletes Featured: Toney Freeman


“295-pounds of Freaky Muscle in Classic X Form” –The One to Stop Ronnie Coleman’s Quest for 9-Straight

Plus Over 20 Handpicked Fitness Models


Booth Info—Look for the crowd!

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