Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NxLabs at the 2006 Mr. Olympia

The company NxLabs (formerly NxCare), burst onto the scene with more than a few interesting products. Last year I had a chance to speak with Scott Welch, who does product research and development for NxLabs, and was very impressed to say the least.

This company is one of the booths I am looking forward to checking out at this year, since they are sure to have a few NEW concepts designed into their products.


Brand Name: NxLabs

Booth info: 1635 & 1636

Key Execs that will be attending:

- Craig Stevenson
- Mike Buckley
- Scott Welch
- Eric Nussbaum
- Duane Keizs
- Jennifer Van Barneveld
- Domenic Mauro

Products Featured:

Methyl Ripped, Mass System, Ripped System, the Ultimate Muscle Expansion Pack, Anavol, Aminovol, NitroT3, VASO.

Athletes Featured: Marlon John


Ripped Books, Mass Books, Anavol shirts, Aminovol shirts, NitroT3 shirts, Methyl Ripped shirts.

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