Monday, September 25, 2006

EAS at the 2006 Mr. Olympia

upon a time, I worked at EAS in product development, marketing and
education. The time frame was from 2000-2002, and during my stay I was
fortunate to see one of the best-built companies in our industry.

I owe a lot to this company as they gave me the opportunity to write for Muscle Media
and the 4th Issue of the Sports Supplement Review. But a lot of things
have changed since those days, and now EAS is a wholly owned division
of Abbott Labs, the pharmaceutical and nutritional giant.


So, what is different? Well, from what I can see it looks like the
EAS division is going back to its roots, dedicating significant product
development and educational dollars towards the serious athlete.

This is a smart move, because it represents what made the brand a
perennial favorite amongst athletes for over ten years. I expect their
product launches to become more focused and driven by consumer needs
and the relevant science.

eas banner1.jpg

This year, EAS will feature its BIG 3–Muscle Building and Performance products: Myoplex, Muscle Armor, and Phosphagen Elite.

For football fans, you won’t want to miss the lineup of gridiron
schwag that EAS will have at their booth! My buddy at EAS, Mike
Sitzman, told me that the booth will have a Vegas Vibe with music, a
live emcee, and table games where consumers can try their luck at
wining autographed footballs and products.

Key Execs:

- Chris Hickey, Marketing Director

- Chris Scoggins, VP Marketing

Featured Products:

- Myoplex

- Muscle Armor

- Phosphagen Elite

Featured Athletes:

- Matt Hasselbeck, Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

- Vernon Davis, Tight End, San Francisco 49ers

- Carlos Rogers, Cornerback, Washington Redskins

- Ronnie Brown, Running Back, Miami Dolphins

- Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals

eas Banner 5.jpg


- 10 people will win $500 in supplements!

- Chance to win Muscle Armor and Phosphagen Elite at Blackjack Tables.

- Chance to win product and autographed NFL footballs at Wheel of Fortune.

- Cool poker chips with EAS product and athletes.

- T-shirts.

- Give away Myoplex, Phos Elite, and bar samples!

eas banne21.jpg

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